Hidalgo Saddle - Flexible & Leather tree saddles

We offer a wide range of spanish saddles, portuguese saddles (Portuguesas), sheepskin saddles, saddles with flexible leather tree, dressage saddles, trekking saddles and equipment.


You can also find various saddle pads, spanish bridles or spanish cavessons in our webshop.


If you are searching for something special, please do not hesitate to ask! We are working together since many years with the best producers of Spain.


And of course we aim to provide you with latest technology and best prices!


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You are interested in innovative, high quality saddles? 

Latest technology and attractive retailer conditions? 


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At the moment somebody from India is offering HIDALGO saddles (most are spanish leather tree) on Ebay.


These saddles are fake and are no HIDALGO saddles!


There is written "Made in Austria" - this is not true!

We do not know this person and the saddles are not made by us!

Please be careful!

HIDALGO Leather Tree Saddle


Dressage Saddle

Spanish Saddle

GP Saddel

Western Saddle

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