We have gathered some articles that will match your saddle very well.


All of them offer a great quality as well as best functionality.


The used materials are made of premium leather, sheepskin or of other high-tech origin.


You Chose colour, length or made to meassure sizes ( for example bridles from Marjoman).


We can offer for every saddle we have the ideal equipment, either in stock or ordered for you.


These are mostly accessories that you might not get in other Shops but we thought of them beeing useful.


Of course we have tested them ourselves and use them on a frequent basis at the stable.


Hidalgo zalea sheepskin cover for saddles
Colours: white, natural, brown, black, grey Available for all HIDALGO saddles! Austrian quality
279,00 € 2
Zalea sheepskin cover for Sommer Voyage or Alpha V
Colours: white, natural, brown, grey or black Made in Austria!
279,00 € 2
Ludomar Zalea sheepskin saddle cover
For all Ludomar saddles, available in black or white
229,00 € 2
Marjoman Zalea Sheepskin saddle cover
For all Marjoman saddles. Colour: white with leather insets on the flap on request (blank or suede)
229,00 € 2


C.S.O. “Gel and memory foam” back pad
This back pad combines the benefits of “Therapeutic Soft Gel” to the exclusive properties of memory foam. “Therapeutic Soft Gel” encourages freedom of movement, stabilises the saddle, disperses pressure while absorbing shock and spreadi ... (mehr lesen)
139,00 € 2
Marjoman Saddle pad felt
Available in different sizes/styles (dressage, GP, jumping, Portuguesa, Valencia Spezial) Colours: grey, white or orange
79,00 € 2
Norton Saddlepad with neoprene insert
   6mm neoprene insert. Available only in black.
41,90 € 2
Marjoman Show pad
Many colours, very nice and thick Quality!
119,00 € 2
Grandeur Airco Pad
Available in all Grandeur colours (black, white, olive, blue, brown, red, mint, Grey and others) All styles can be ordered (except western) With sheepskin on request With 1/3 adhesive grip on the downside, can be filled on t ... (mehr lesen)
ab 116,00 € 2
Grandeur Special Pad
Available with 1/3 adhesive grip or all over Can be filled on the downside Fits most saddles Downside with felt and synthetic fur
128,00 € 2
Marjoman Saddlepad
Thick fabric, available in different sizes and colours
79,00 € 2
Balancing gel back Brace
   For balancing the saddle. elevated ahead in center or at the back side.      Only in black ... (mehr lesen)
65,00 € 2
Grandeur Physio Pad
Different styles and colours 1/3 (standard) or all over adhesive grip, to stop the pad from sliding With either fake fur on the downside (very good german Quality) or sheepskin Can be washed (30 degrees) ... (mehr lesen)
ab 149,00 € 2

Saddle Equipment

detachable shims
Shims are used to change the Focus of the saddle. different forms available, for front or back part of saddle. Black or Brown 1,5cm high  
ab 49,00 € 2
HIDALGO detachable panels
You chose: Thickness ( front-middle-back, for example 4cm-4cm-4cm) and length (from 36cm up to 48cm or more) and style(dressage, GP, spanish or trekkig/western)
129,00 € 2
Spanish stirrups Lopez oder Roldan
broad and twistable tread black of silver colour  
49,00 € 2
Detachable Kneeblocks
In different styles available in all Nappa or suede colours. For leather tree saddles or PFT saddles!
49,00 € 2
Icelandic stirrup Premium
1a Quality with rubber inlays
65,00 € 2
Baroque stirrups
Niquel or brass colour, 2 different styles Beautifull design, nice quality  
79,00 € 2
Zalea sheepskin cover for Sommer Voyage or Alpha V
Colours: white, natural, brown, grey or black Made in Austria!
279,00 € 2
Baroque stirrups "Salamanca"
Beautifull baroque stirrup, available in silver or gold
59,00 € 2
Stirrup steel Eco
High quality stainless steel stirrups offered to you at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Feature an anti-slip, white treading. Pair.
25,00 € 2
Icelandic stirrup Eco
The slanted shanks prevent the rider"s foot from getting caught in the stirrup. The square stirrup leather loop supports the long leg during tölting.
39,00 € 2


Portuguese Bridle Lusitano
A simple but beautifull portuguese bridle, made of spanish leather. Sizes: Full or Cob  Metal fittings: gold Colours: brown Reins are included, no bit
99,00 € 2
Cortesia bridle Eco
Size: Full or Cob brown or black very nice leather, oiled Comes with a pair of reins
89,00 € 2
Marjoman Cortesia Set
Set includes: bridle (can be used with single or double reins), crupper and breastplate Colours: black, brown or natural Gorgeous leather quality! Customized!  
ab 99,00 € 2
Marjoman Vaquero bridle Repujada
beautiful spanish leather with ornaments Colours: black, brown or natural in combination with white Bit not included!
219,00 € 2
Marjoman Lusitania bridle
Beautiful shaped bridle, superb quality!  Made in Spain! Customized!
219,00 € 2
Marjoman Portuguese Working bridle
Portuguese working bridle in excellent leather quality, made in Spain!
ab 189,00 € 2
Cortesia Breastplate Eco
Beautiful breastplate made of black or brown leather silver or golden metal fittings
ab 89,00 € 2
Spanish bridle Barrocco
Wonderfull baroque bridle, handcrafted with spanish leather.  Shaped nose and head straps. Improved freedom for the horses ears. Metal Fittings: silver or gold Sizes: Full or Cob Black or brown leather Comes wi ... (mehr lesen)
109,00 € 2
Cortesia Vorderzeug Eco
  Schönes spanisches Vorderzeug aus braunem oder schwarzem Leder. Beschläge Gold- oder Silberfarben.
ab 89,00 € 2


Light-weighted caveson Ludomar
Brown or black, with insets at the noseband
89,00 € 2
Ludomar or Marjoman french caveson
black, Brown or natural colour straps for bits can be ordered as an extra
109,00 € 2
leight-weighted cavseon made of finest leather, no insets Colours: black, Brown or natural Sizes: COB or FULL Bit straps might have an upcharge  
119,00 € 2