Manager of HIDALGO Sattel Dr. Nina Holzer is a passionate rider herself for more than 30 years now. The love for horses and academic riding were two reasons why she founded the company HIDALGO Sattel in 2007, located in 4048 Puchenau near Linz (nowadays the company is located in 4060 Leonding / Austria). And of course the urgent need to find a saddle that fits her horse...

HIDALGO frequently works on developing new products, in detail saddles with flexible trees. The saddles are made of high quality leather and offered for reasonalbe prices. 

HIDALGO always tries to provide best price-performance ratio to their customers.


HIDALGO is specialised in manufacturing leather tree saddles and ones with a flexible tree, because they are convinced that these saddles are beneficial for the well being of horses.


Not only because of the HIDALGO panels that provide a wider surface, the flexibility and also because of the low weight. All saddles have been tested by HIDALGO and are mostly designed by Dr. Nina Holzer herself.


In case you did not know, HIDALGO stands for "nobleman" in the Spanish language.

Dr. Nina Holzer and Julia Hintzen       and their horses Abanderado             "Bandi" and Elliot