Our HIDALGO leather colours:


Blank leather colours (for flaps)

- black-dark brown

- red brown

- cognac


Possible suede leather colours (for seats, flaps and pommel/cantle)


- red-black

- darkbrown

- middlebrown

- grey

- dark blue

- Cafe-latte

- Sand


Possible Nappa leather colours (for seats, flaps and pommel/cantle)


- black

- dark brown

- red brown

- green

- taupe

- dark blue


Possible leather colour waxed leather (seat, flap, pommel/cantle)


- black

- brown




Please remind yourself that a leather tree needs to be ridden several times (up to 20-30 times). Which means that the saddle has to be formed to the horses back. After this you can of course use it for other horses as well. You will sit very close to the horses back.


1. Do I need a special pad underneath my HIDALGO saddle to spread the pressure?


Usually you will not need one, because our HIDALGO saddles guarentee a lot freedom of spine. And the tree is only flexible to a certain point, which allows it to spread the pressure to a wider range. The are no punctual pressure points. But using a special pad might be a positive extra. A sheepskin pad for example from HoluHorse or Grandeur would be our recommendation.


2. Is there a weight limit?


No,there is no limit. The panels that provide the spinal freedom, are flexible upto the point where the pressure spreading is needed so that there can be nopunctual stress points. Also you are able to adjust them so that they fit for your horse.

For heavier riders we recommend the panels with felt or plastic inserts.


3. For which kind of horse can I use the HIDALGO leather tree saddle?


Actually you could use them for any horse and adjust the saddle as needed. This is rather easy and can be done by yourself or with the help of one of our retailers.


4. I heard the leather tree slides a lot?


We have experienced that it is not like that with our HIDALGO saddles. We use a 3-point girthing system and with the help of the adjustable panels usually the saddles can not slide. We recommend a anatomically shaped girth or the MarjomanX-Pand girth that match our saddles just perfectly.


5. What if the saddle does not fit?


Of course you can return the saddle within 14 days. In case of traces of usage, we will deduct a fee and refund the rest of the money. We also offer testsaddle,so you can make sure that everything will be as you wish. Please find our termof use for further details!


6. What kind of sizes and colours can HIDALGO offer?


In case you´ll need a certain seat size or panel length, please add this to yourorder. Special sizes are now problem, but might need to be ordered. Also we canoffer a lot of colours, there are plenty of possibilities!



7. The leather tree is surely not too flexible to spread the pressure correctly?


No, HIDALGO saddles are built on a leather “tree“, which provides a modular unit tospread the weight. There are more leather layers that are overlapping and aformative element in the front of the saddle close to the stirrup hook, which enable the saddle to keep its shape. Our HIDALGO saddles are only flexible tothe point that still makes sense!


8. Why detachable panels?


Detachable panels give you the freedom of adjusting the saddle to your horse and ist needs.You can choose how much spinal freedom you would like to have. According to this we have velcros that can erase little irregularities. Another benefit is that you don´t need to check the filling. You simply order new panels if you need them.