HIDALGO Leather Tree Saddle



Please remind yourself that a leather tree needs to be ridden several times (up to 20-30 hours). Which means that the saddle has to be formed to the horses back. After this you can of course use it for other horses too. Then you will sit very close to the horses back. It is also possible to re-fit if your horse changes weight due to illness or other circumstances. We experienced that most horses prefer the flexible leather tree and all pressure point messuremnts were very satisfying. Every saddle is handmade of finest italian leather within the EU, Special orders will take up to 6 weeks of delivery.


Detachable Panels: from 36 cm, Standard thickness is 4 cm, very strong velcro

For heavy rider or sensible horses we can offer panels with a felt inlay, also soft or harder panels.


Metal Fitting: silver for all english type saddles, silver and gold for all spanish type saddles and spanish rings in silver or gold for all saddles

Seat sizes: from 16" to 20" or 30 cm to 36 cm in a spanish saddle


Our HIDALGO leather colours:

Blank leather colours (for flaps)

- black-dark brown
- red brown

- cognac


Possible suede leather colours (for seats, flaps and pommel/cantle)

- red-black

- darkbrown

- middlebrown

- grey

- dark blue

- Cafe-latte

- Sand


Possible Nappa leather colours (for seats, flaps and pommel/cantle)

- black

- dark brown

- red brown

- green

- taupe

- dark blue


Possible leather colour waxed leather (seat, flap, pommel/cantle)

- black

- brown

Dressage Saddle

Hidalgo Venice Spezial Dressage Leather Tree Saddl
  A very classy, comfortable saddle with preformed kneepatches and detachable panels and knee blocks. OUR BESTSELLER! You will simply love it! Its super comfortable and the best option for the back of your horse.    P ... (mehr lesen)
1.539,00 € 2  
HIDALGO London Dressage Leather Tree Saddle
  A saddle with an extravagant style! Flexible leather tree - adapts itself to the horse back! Seat sizes: 16"-20"  Various colours and leathers available!
1.539,00 € 2  
Hidalgo Venice Spezial Icelandic Leather Tree Sadd
  This saddle has a flatter seat, its the perfect match with islandic horses or all riders that prefer more flexibilty in the saddle. Seat: 16"-20" Colours: all of our italian leather range - you have a lot of design possibi ... (mehr lesen)
1.539,00 € 2  
Hidalgo Venice Spezial Icelandic Leather Tree Sadd
  This saddle has a flatter seat, like most Icelandic saddles! Best italian leather, super comfortable seat. Seat sizes: 16"-20" Detachable panels after request.
1.539,00 € 2  
HIDALGO Santiago Dressage leather tree saddle
  Our beautiful Santiago is now available with leather tree, too. With deatchable cantle (only deep seat). This saddle captivates through his extraordinary looks and his perfectly shaped flap. It offers a very wide surface a ... (mehr lesen)
1.790,00 € 2  
HIDALGO Venice 2 Dressage Leather Tree Saddle
  THE CLASSIC ONE of our leather tree saddles This saddle will adapt itself to the horseback - no gullet iron, just our famous flexible leather tree! You horse will love it...and you as well.   Colours: black or brown ... (mehr lesen)
789,00 € 2  
HIDALGO Triest Leather Tree Saddle
  Very comfortable saddle with outside-flap fixed knee blocks! Offers a super support and a safe feeling in the saddle. Perfect also for short horses or broad backed. Seat: 16"-20"  (others in request!) Colours: all o ... (mehr lesen)
1.539,00 € 2  
HIDALGO Stockholm Icelandic Leather Tree Saddle
  Stylish and super comfortable islandic saddle with its typical flatter seat! The higher kneeblocks provide a fantastic secure and safe sitting. Handcrafted of best italian leather. Sizes: 16"-20" Detachable p ... (mehr lesen)
1.539,00 € 2  
RELVAS Portuguese Dressage Leather Tree Saddle
  Our lovely leather tree saddle Relvas is available in different very extravagant designs. It offers a very close contact and is the perfect match not just for Doma Vaquera riders! Where dressage and hacking finds the perfect solutio ... (mehr lesen)
1.790,00 € 2  
Hidalgo Mallorca Spezial Dressage Leather Tree Sad
  The fancy flap gives the Mallorca an exceptional look! Thanks to the wider surface than ordinary english saddles the rider´s weight can be spreaded perfectly on the horseback. The Mallorca offers a very good clearance for withers an ... (mehr lesen)
1.539,00 € 2  

Spanish Saddle

HIDALGO Valencia SPEZIAL Spanish Leather Tree Sadd
  The Valencia is our classic spanish leather tree saddle and definitely one of our bestsellers.    In it´s Shorty version the saddle is very compact and fits perfectly on smaller horses and / or smaller riders and in it´s N ... (mehr lesen)
1.639,00 € 2  
  A spanish saddle with the looks of a Portera saddle and improved shoulder freedom! Also available as a Shorty with smaller flaps and a smaller seat.    
1.790,00 € 2  
  For lovers of the classical barroque look! The Jerez offers due to the deeper legposition a very balanced and comfortable seat and a wide surface due to it´s spanish panels. It comes with a bit bigger seat in it´s standard version f ... (mehr lesen)
1.790,00 € 2  
  The traditional portuguese saddle with our leather tree. Many leather colours and combinations possible. V- Girthing
1.790,00 € 2  
  Very simple and elegant saddle with plain leather flaps. Seat: 33 cm (other son request) Many different panels sizes and leather colours and combinations possible. V- Girthing   ... (mehr lesen)
1.790,00 € 2  
  The HIDALGO Valenica LIGHT offers an incredible price-value relation!  It is made of best German leather and handcrafted with care.    The Valencia Light is available  in three beautiful colours additionally in a ve ... (mehr lesen)
1.410,00 € 2  
  Due to its longer flaps the HIDALGO Malaga ist he perfekt saddle for riders using riding boots or chaps. It further offers an incredible good contact to the horseback and comes with a very comfortable seat.    Flaps an ... (mehr lesen)
1.790,00 € 2  
HIDALGO MARBELLA spanish leather tree saddle
  The HIDALGO Marbella offers high knee support for a very balanced seat and is a good match, if your horse has a lot of movement. It has a lovely, remarkable design and is also available with fancy stitching.   Facts:  ... (mehr lesen)
1.790,00 € 2  
  The Cordoba Spezial offers you extra leg support due to its bigger knee blocks, fixed outside in the flaps. This gives you a save feeling and a fantastic seat. This saddle of course offers perfect pressure distribution and his extra ... (mehr lesen)
1.899,00 € 2  
Hidalgo Valencia 2 Spanish leather tree saddle
  One of our bestellers! Blank leather, many different colours available, standard in stock black and brown Standard seat is in suede leather. Seat size: 32/33 cm or 30/31 cm Shorty,  others on request Comes wi ... (mehr lesen)
789,00 € 2  

GP Saddle

Hidalgo Alicante GP leather tree saddle
  Our Alicante GP saddle with leather tree, traditional long girth required. Very comfortable seat (16" - 22"). Best italian leather, no gullet iron - saddle adapts itself to the horseback!   ... (mehr lesen)
1.539,00 € 2  
Hidalgo Alicante 2 GP leather tree saddle
  Flexible leather tree GP saddle Detachable knee blocks  Detachable panels (many sizes available, standard about 44 cm) Very comfortable seat Without gullet plate - size adapts itself Short girth straps ... (mehr lesen)
789,00 € 2  
Hidalgo London GP leather tree saddle
  Our London GP saddle with leather tree, traditional long girth required! Very comfortable seat (16" - 22"). No gullet iron - saddle adapts itself!  
1.539,00 € 2  

Western Saddle

Hidalgo Milwaukee western style leather tree saddl
  A saddle for those who prefer the western style and want a light weighted and short leather tree saddle! Different seat and panel sizes possible (please do not hesitate to ask!) This model comes with fender and stirrups. ... (mehr lesen)
1.639,00 € 2  
HIDALGO Colorado Leathertree Westernsaddle
  NEW NEW NEW - our lovely Colorado with flexible leather tree! Saddle will adapt to the horse back itself. Rigging:  V (for short girth - others in request) Colours: black, darkbrown and cognac - made of best German ... (mehr lesen)
1.490,00 € 2