PFT stands for flexible POLYFLEXTREE!


This special designed tree is threedimensinal flexible and because of this able to move with the horses motions.


Of course it offers a very good pressure distribution. The HIDALGO PFT saddles have a changable gullet, which can be exchanged very easily.


Above this, the HIDALGO PFT can be altered (synthetic wool inside the panels), this feature allows you to adjust the saddle to oyur horse anytime its neccesary.


These HIDALGO PFT saddle are handmade of finest italian leather and light-weigted (5-7 kg according to the type of saddle).


Like our leather tree saddles, they come with a 3-point girthing System and a very comfy seat!


The contact face was made very short on purpose but still broad enough for a good pressure distribution.

Der Sättel sind somit ideal auch für junge oder sich häufig verändernde Pferde.


Even difficult pairings of a small horse and a tall rider are no Problem!



Technical Details : 

  • D-rings are silver (standard, other on request)Seat sizes: 16" to 18,5" and Maximus sizes 1,2 or 3
    (for taller riders)
  • Leather colours: cognac, red brown, darkbrown, black and other Nappa or Suede tones.
  • Stiching: black, brown, beige, grey, white, red, green, yellow, blue
  • Gullet sizes: 28-36 Nappa-, Blank- or Suede leather can be choosen after your liking.
  • We have a lot of possibilities, please write us for our reccomendation if needed.
  • Special sizes are welcome, we might charge you for Extras.

  • Please ask for delivery times for your customised saddle.