HIDALGO Alicante PFT Flexible tree



 Our classic GP saddle made of finest iatlian leather. It offers you a super comfortable seat and a very good pressure distribution due to its wide panels. The gullet plate can be changed very easily, so that the Alicante can be fitted and adjusted again and again and again. You perfect partner for a horselife or even more!



  • Short girth straps 
  • Seat: 16“-18,5“, and the Maximus sizes 1,2 and 3 
  • Flexible plastic tree 
  • Easy-to-flock panels (synt. wool) 
  • Wide surface 
  • Wide gullet 
  • Detachable knee blocks (diff. sizes available) 
  • Changeable gullet plate, 28-36 
  • Seat: deep or halfdeep 
  • Also perfect for short horses  
  • Handcrafted within E.U. our of best italian leather 
  • Length of flaps: 49 cm 



  • Many leather colours 
  • Threedimensionally flexible saddletree 
ALICANTE PFT general purpose saddle with a flexible tree

1.790,00 €

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HIDALGO London PFT Flexible Tree


The seat of the general purpose saddle London  PFT is halfdeep (deep on request) and allows you to feel comfortable and still have a close contact to your horse. Of course it offers a very good pressure distribution. The London GP saddle has a changeable gullet, which can be exchanged very easily. Above this, it can be flocked very easily (synthetic wool inside the panels), this feature allows you to adjust the saddle to your horse anytime its necessary. These HIDALGO PFT saddles are handmade of finest italian leather and light-weighted (5-7 kg according to the type of saddle). The contact face was made very short on purpose but still broad enough for a good pressure distribution.


Technical Details :

  • 46 cm contact face (17,5")
  • detachable knee blocks for individual positioning
  • GP girthing system (for long-girth)
  • D-rings are silver (standard, other on request)
  • Seat sizes: 16" to 18,5" and Maximus sizes 1,2 or 3 (for taller riders)
  • Leather colours: cognac, red brown, darkbrown, black and others
  • Stitching: black, brown, beige, grey, white, red, green, yellow, blue and many others
  • Gullet sizes: 28-36
  • Nappa-,Blank- or Suede, Waxleather
  • Please ask for delivery times for your customized saddle.
  • Testsaddles available!

1.790,00 €

  • 6 kg
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