GP Saddles

Alicante Light


very nice versatility saddle with black Kilgerleather

far below worth, because showsaddle


inclusive kneeblocks and cover


Size of seat: 19"

Panels: according to stock


Price: 990 €


Alicante Light *reserved*

versatile saddle, made of Kilger leather

The leather is not up to our expectations, so it is a B-saddle

Far below the value

The saddle is new

incl. kneeblocks and cover


Size of seat: 18"

Panels: according to stock 


Price: 890 €

Alicante 2

barely used GP saddle, demo saddle

Perfect entry-level modell for a small price

incl. kneeblocks and saddle cover


Size of seat: 17"

Panels: according to stock


Price: 590 €