Private Sale

Valencia Spezial

beautiful brown leather

a small stain on the suede leather


size of seat: 33/34 cm 


price: 1500 € 

Valencia Spezial Shorty


black Nappaleather - only two months old



Shire tree


panels: 44cm


price: 1500€


Hidalgo Florenz


curved gerth 60cm 


good to seat - not many scratches

with panels - they can be adjust to the horse



price: 1450€ 

Venice Spezial PFT

very special Venice special saddle PFT with PolyFlexTree
The Panels are filled with synthetic wool and they can be adjust to the horse.

Size of seat: 17,5"


Price: 1200 €

Venice Spezial PFT 

used Venice PFT saddle with PolyFlexTree

The panels are filled with synthetic wool and they can be customized


Size of seat: 17,5"

head gullet : Size M


Price: 1100 € VHB


Valencia Light

very nice Valencia Light saddle with black Kilger leather
The saddle was not often used! 


Size of seat: 33 cm

Panels: 38 cm 4/4/4 Style 2S


Price: 1090 € 


nearly new! 


panels: 43 cm / 2 / 2,5

size of seat: 39 cm

gerth: 80cm



price: 1000 € 

Valencia Spezial

a really nice production with red wildleather and red stitching. At the logopatch is a screw missing, but it can be put easy in again.


incl. 47 cm panels


Price: 999,00 €

Valencia Spezial

- sheepskin zalea

- 2 panels Style 2 4/4/4, length 46cm in brown - 3/4 years old - nearly new

- 2 knee blocks in black



 The saddle was not often used.



Price: 995,00€

Randonnee Panorama Trail Edition 

Trail saddle with cognac colors and kilgerleather

special belt and a really soft seat


contact surface: 60cm


Size of seat: 17,5"


Price: 990 €

HIDALGO Showsattel ‚Fleur de lis’

size of seat: 34cm (very soft)

panels: 44 cm (neary new)

beautiful black leather



nearly new !!


price: €990.-

For sale!


Malaga in beautiful brown leather


size of seat: 35cm 


price: 990,00

HIDALGO Córdoba 2 im black

Nearly new!


incl. panels: 46cm



Vhb: €790.-



 Alicante 2

GP saddle only used twice and is really new


incl. knee blocks and cover, but without panels


Price: 700 € incl. shipping


Venice 2 in black


beautiful Venice 2 in black for sale!


incl. panels in 46 cm 


size of seat: 18"


price: 590€